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At Opalescent Funding, we put your business first. Our service doesn’t stop when you receive your funding—we value our clients’ opinions and are dedicated to improving our small business lending process depending on your feedback. See what some of our clients have to say about Opalescent Funding below.

Opalescent Funding exceeded our expectations with their merchant cash advance service. We wanted to expand our product range and open a new store location, but traditional loans were not accessible to us as a small business. Opalescent Funding believed in our vision and provided the funding we needed to bring it to life. Their expertise in the retail industry was evident, and their guidance helped us make informed decisions. We highly recommend their services to fellow entrepreneurs.

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Running a restaurant comes with its fair share of unexpected expenses. When our oven broke down, we needed funds quickly to replace it and keep our operations running smoothly. Opalescent Funding merchant cash advance provided the lifeline we needed. The easy application process, transparent terms, and responsive customer support made it a stress-free experience. We are grateful for their support during a challenging time.

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As a startup in the tech industry, securing traditional loans was a challenge due to our limited credit history. Opalescent Funding understood our unique situation and provided us with a merchant cash advance that allowed us to invest in cutting-edge equipment and hire top talent. Their fast approval process and personalized approach made the whole experience seamless. We highly recommend Opalescent Funding to fellow entrepreneurs.

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Opalescent Funding came to our rescue when we needed quick funding to seize a time-sensitive inventory purchase opportunity. Their merchant cash advance solution provided the funds we needed within days, allowing us to stock up on popular products and boost our sales. The repayment structure aligned perfectly with our cash flow, giving us the flexibility we needed to grow our business. Thank you, Opalescent Funding!

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